International customers


At, we offer a personalized service depending on customer needs worldwide, from the simple to the most complex maintenance of the suspension, in preparation for high-level competitions.

Our work is done with the most advanced tools for the maintenance and preparation of suspensions, using only high quality materials, and all this at an affordable price.

We work for all types of people from enthusiasts to professional riders, always treating everyone equally, for us there is no distinction. Our goal is to give our best to every job and to every client.

If you have a racing team or you are top individual rider and you need technical support for competitions/training, we at have precisely what you need. We offer a help desk and technical support for competitions/training, to help you achieve maximum performance.

A comprehensive helpdesk (via e-mail) is also included within each of our areas of service/expertise, so that if you need to modify your vehicle to suit a new surface/circuit, it is achieved in the best way possible.

To send us your suspensions, all you have to do is remove them from the vehicle and parcel them up. We take care of their collection, preparation/repair and return, without your having to leave your home.

No matter what the make or model of your suspension, at, we service all brands.


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